3-reel slots vs 5-reel slots: what is better?

Almost every online casino can be found to feature online keno Australia or the exciting game of ‘Roulette’. There are thousands of video slots launched while casinos have been offering this popular game to attract new players & retain existing ones. Unusual bonuses, spectacular animations combined with diverse prizes and themes. Such huge varieties are sure to compel you to play repeatedly without getting bored.

Slot machines

The initial online slot equipment back then was actually a monotonous game having les number of functions. Nowadays, 5-reel roulette comes with more bonuses, free spins and symbols. However, there is not present a single correct opinion. Rather, the gambler is required to determine the interest degree in each game. Advanced online casinos 6-reel slots, but considered a rare exception.

Developers try to introduce their own unique features. Hence, all online slot types are not identical. No clear analogy is present although they have similar characteristics.

Difference between 3 & 5-reel slot machines

Following are a few differences:

  • Varying number of lines
  • Varying number of reels
  • 3-reel roulette does not come with any risk game while it is present in the 5-reel type.
  • 5-reel slots have bonus symbols.
  • 5-reel roulettes have bonus games, not present in 3-reel slots.
  • 5-reel roulette offer free spins something not present in earlier 3-reel versions.
  • Game complexity increases with number of rules and reels.
  • Lots of themes are present in 5-reels slots while 3-reel games have classic pictures.
  • Spectacular graphics can be found in the latest roulette versions.

However, if online slot gets developed at the two systems’ crossroads, then the above differences are likely to disappear.

Which roulette wheel offers more winnings?

Roulette reel numbers do not determine win size. Player return rate may be low/high in both the categories, something not agreed by experienced gamers. 3-reel slot machines can offer more winnings. Their work scheme is quite simpler, involving less mathematical algorithms, thus providing more winning chances.

Which roulette type offers frequent pay?

High volatility is noticed in any casino that characterizes the video slot’s variance (variability). Higher indicator leads to larger winnings, but with less frequency. It will be wise to opt for such tables to enjoy larger win amounts. Less volatility slots should be preferred by novices as it helps to gain experience while avoiding loss.

3-reel type comes with above-average variability. The player is not offered special symbols or bonuses. Moreover, active line numbers are also quite small.

Which slot type is more exciting for players?

More opinions can be derived if more players take interest in the slot game. The 3-wheel roulette game can be lucky for someone. If so, then he/she might stick to this video slot and not venture into other types as they develop a special attachment for it. They also hope to win again a jackpot. But if graphic element is desired, then 3-reel roulettes fail to evoke emotions.

The 5-reel slots offer diverse gameplay. Players can enjoy bonus games including jackpots, jokers, scatters and free spins. Although interesting, it is not easy to win in such diversity. The 5-level slots do offer non-standard combinations, unlike 3-reel machines.