How to Maximize Your Chances Playing Roulette

Roulette is a popular casino game, which is played by numerous people who visit casinos for making money or just for fun. They bet on roulette games following certain definite strategies so that they can win easily. Roulette serves as a way of entertainment and also as an option for earning money. However, all cannot succeed in roulette games even after following these strategies diligently.

Causes why roulette strategies may not work

Normally, players bet on 50/50 shots while playing roulette as they can choose red/black or odd/even in this case. Many players want to go on a mini-streak and may fail in their bets of roulette games.

The foremost reason is that the chance of winning is even lesser than 50% even if casinos pay 1:1 on the bets of roulette players. There are many other colors other than red or black on the roulette wheel, as well as more numbers other than the given 18 odd or even numbers. There is the green zone and 0 on this wheel, for which players can lose their betted money. Thus, there remains enough scope for casino houses to earn profits from the losses of their players.

The second reason for the failure of roulette players is credited to the Gambler’s Fallacy, which is the approximate prediction based on the results of previous spins. Players need to remember that each spin is a new one that can show a fresh result, without any link to those earlier ones. Thus, they need to be ready for facing any result after spinning the roulette wheel and bet wisely without any excess expectation.

Benefits of using betting strategies in roulette games

So, people may be confused about whether betting strategies are totally useless for winning roulette games. However, it is quite exciting to try new strategies while playing this casino game. People good in Mathematics can figure out new streaks according to mathematical patterns, which makes the game more interesting for them. Thus, the practice of adopting strategies can be entertaining while playing live roulette games or on online casinos.

These strategies help to control the random betting spree of some casino players, which may prevent them from going bankrupt due to their passion for gambling. There are some differences in American and European roulette odds, based on the number of bets per game. European roulette odds are a bit more than American ones, which can be considered while playing online.

Few common roulette betting systems

Some experienced roulette players also invent their own betting strategies, which may be based on well-known betting systems. However, the Martingale system is known to be the best betting strategy system for roulette games till now, in which players need to keep very low 50/50 bets and continue with that betting till they lose on it and double it. If they lose on it, it can be further doubled to 4. They can return to the starting point once they win the game.

Parlay betting system is popular, which is also called Paroli betting, in which players increase the betting on winning the game and they again invest their earned chips on the betting of the next spin.

Oscar’s Grind, James Bond, Labouchere, Fibonacci, and D’Alembert are other popular betting systems that are often used by roulette players in casinos.