Reasons Behind Popularity of Live Dealer Blackjack

Blackjack is pherhaps one of the most popular online live dealer games around. Let’s look into some of the reasons why the game is such a big hit among online casino fans.

1. Lower house edge

The House edge is the mathematical advantage casino companies use on players over a given period. It often leads to assured loss on your side and profit for the casino company. On average, most companies have a house edge of between 4 per cent and 6 per cent. The online blackjack versions have about 6 per cent. However, if you play well, you can bring down the live dealer blackjack house edge to as low as 1 per cent. In addition to the lower house edge, more victories are assured on blackjack than any other online game. As such, new and existing players love live dealer blackjack as it assures them of more chances of wins than other games on the tables.

2. Tens of exciting blackjack games

Every game has its limits and rules that differ from the others. There are many blackjack variants available from different software providers. Besides making the game more entertaining, these variants provide twists and turn that the players can deploy to their advantage.

3. Blackjack is easy even for beginners

Lean-and-play is a huge advantage for any starters in the world of casinos. The live casino does not come with a free or demo version. So, there is a higher chance of throwing away some cash in the process for beginners. Interestingly, most blackjack variants are freely available in the online section of a casino. As such, new players can try it out for free before actually putting in their money.

4. Exciting side bets

Most of the blackjack variants are packed with exciting side bets like lower house edge and easy game levels. In addition to pairs, and odds and even, many software providers insert thrilling side wagers such as Burst It/Hot 3 on Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming. These side bets have very high payouts, with Burst It earning you a payout of 250:1 if the dealer burst with at least 8 cards and Hot 3 a 100:1 on three 7s. Some of the popular side bets are Super Sevens, Match the Dealer, and Triple 7s.

5. Rules are in favour of players

Live dealer blackjack developers ensure that the rules are well-balanced to generate excitement and game spirit. Even with a low house edge, many variants’ rules are created not to disadvantage the players. For e.g., some variants mandate dealers to stand on all 17s, while others have a payout of 3:2. This boosts the players the much-needed confidence to try out various variants on the live casino. Many live tables reimburse for the low house edge or player advantage with low payouts or other conditions. This is not the case when it comes to blackjack variants.

In addition, playing blackjack is more than just luck. While luck and the odds play a role in winning, understanding the game and learning the basic strategy influences much of the results. Blackjack is also known for its convenience. The combination of the table format, ease of conveying your decisions, and a 360′ view of the tables make it easy to play the game. And who does not love bonuses? As incentives, most live casinos also offer multiple bonuses. Online casinos have been pouring bonuses on players, along with loyalty points. And the good part is that these bonuses can be used on blackjack.